The Alaska seafood chef contest has taken place for six consecutive years. This was the third time the activity was organized in Beijing. This year, the chef contest was conducted at Jing Song Vocational High School on May 13th. Approximately 120 chefs from high-end hotels and restaurants in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province (among others) participated in the event. This number was well beyond the expected 50 participants. Unlike previous chef contests with multiple parts, this contest only had one. Each contestant was required to cook two dishes using Alaska sockeye and black cod. A group of 5 judges was organized to give scores. Different levels of awards were established.

After the contest, ASMI held a nutrition seminar in Beijing Peninsula Restaurant on May 15th. All of the contestants from the contest were invited to attend the seminar. Two nutrition experts were invited to give lectures on the health and nutritional benefits of Alaska seafood and how to leverage nutrition and diet. The seminar was considered very helpful to all participants. At the following awarding ceremony and reception, besides the contestants, the General Director of the China Cuisine Association and LaVerne Brabant, Director of ATO Beijing, were also present. Some major seafood traders and 20 journalists from the local press were also invited to participate in the event. Free coverage was generated as a result.Alaska seafood including king, coho and sockeye salmon, three species of crabs, black cod, halibut and cod were showcased. In addition, all participants were provided with an Alaska seafood POS package. Alaska seafood VCD was played. In addition, a press release was distributed to journalists.

In order to further increase trader and journalist awareness and have them understand the unique flavor of Alaska seafood, all participants had an opportunity to sample the sockeye salmon, black cod, king crab, snow crab and halibut.

2006 Alaska Seafood Chef Contest in Beijing

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