2006 China Fisheries & Seafood Expo in Qingdao

This was the 11th year of the China Fishery and Seafood Expo, which grown to be the largest seafood show in Asia. This show has continued to gain momentum over the years, and this was especially apparent this year as the exposition was moved to a new building in the Qingdao pavilion area, and was expanded to encompass two floors. Most of the growth of exhibitors participating appeared to be local Chinese organizations, which is very encouraging, as it is an indication that domestic trade and distribution channels continue to expand.? Next year’s show is schedule to take place in Dalian, China.
The ASMI booth featured a larger footprint than ever before, encompassing four standard booth spaces, up from the three utilized last year. Additional space was added for increased product sampling as well as to afford more table space for business meetings.? For this show the featured Alaska products for sampling were king crab, smoked sockeye salmon (hot and cold smoked) and ikura. Alaskan Amber beer, generously donated by the Alaskan Brewing Company, was also featured at the event.? Two display cases featured a broad variety of Alaska products, specifically the five species of Pacific salmon, red and brown (golden) king crab, bairdi and opilio snow crab, black cod, Pacific cod, Alaska Pollock, and halibut.

ASMI entertained a large number of visitors; while most show attendees that visited the ASMI booth were from China, there were also trade members from Canada, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Korea, Japan and Russia. While some local re-processors from Qingdao and Dalian were interested in receiving more information about sourcing chum and pink salmon (as well as seeking supporting materials, such as ASMI salmon meat color guides), cod and pollock, more local Chinese trade members were seeking king crab and black cod for domestic distribution although the price for these products were considered very high; to a slightly lesser degree, snow crab also continues to be an item of interest for local distribution. During the three-days show, ASMI gathered more than 350 trades leads with over 11% having specific requests for the Alaska seafood products

Before the show, ASMI placed eye-catching advertisement in Qingdao’s Bandao Newspaper. Large pictures of Alaska Seafood in the newspaper let many readers know about Alaska seafood.

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