Alaska Seafood Chef Seminars Kicked-Off in Guangzhou and Dalia

Guangzhou is among the top three cities with the highest income across the country. People in Guangzhou pay close attention to the foods they buy. Although Dalian acts as a major fishery for processing and re-exporting Alaska Seafood, a large amount remains for local consumption. Both cities are huge seafood consumers.

Approximately 70 and 60 chefs participated in the Guanghzou and Dalian seminars respectively. The seminars took place at Guangzhou’s White Swan Hotel and Dalian’s Furama Hotel. Both chef seminars featured traditional Chinese dishes. Mr. Keith Schneller, ATO Guangzhou Director, was present at the Guangzhou event. Mr. LaVerne Brabant, ATO Beijing Director, and Mr. Doug Freeman, from FAS, were present at the Dalian event. In Guangzhou Mr. Schneller and KC Dochtermann, ASMI International Program Director, made opening remarks. LaVerne Brabant and Romina Rivera, ASMI marketing specialist, made opening remarks in Dalian. Randy Rice, ASMI Technical Program Director, gave a presentation on the technical aspects of Alaskan seafood. A Chinese chef demonstrated several recipes using king crab, snow crab, sockeye, sablefish and halibut, all of which were purchased with QSP funding.

A package of Alaska seafood POS materials, including brochures and the recipes demonstrated, was distributed to the participants. Alaska seafood including king salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, three species of crab and sablefish were showcased at both seminars. All participants sampled the demonstrated recipes.

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