Alaska Seafood Consumer Tasting

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute launched a four round Alaska seafood consumer tasting promotion during the 4th fiscal quarter of 2006. Attendants were all consumers with strong purchasing power. During the promotion, the venue was elaborately decorated with posters, table tents and banners. Moreover, the display of Alaska seafood at the venue introduced the seafood’s high quality to consumers directly. Over 50 consumers were invited to each event. A guest chef did cooking demonstrations while introducing factual information about Alaska seafood to the attendants. Dishes made with Alaska sockeye, king crab and black cod greatly aroused the interest of those in attendance. The dishes were so delicious that the attendants were reluctant to leave and lingered even after the performance came to an end. In addition, at each event a group of six consumers were invited to participate in a cooking contest using Alaska sockeye salmon and black cod before live audiences. All of the contestants received a gift which came from Alaska.

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