Alaska Seafood Day- Showcase Event

ASMI China has devoted great efforts to educate local traders, especially importers and retailers, regarding Alaska seafood’s special attributes throughout the last several years. However, the wholesale market still remains a very important link to the supply system across the country for domestic distribution to restaurants, hotels and food stores which do not necessarily source their goods through contractual production or direct imports. As a result, ASMI China held an “Alaska Seafood Day” showcase event at wholesale markets in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Dalian from April to May. The showcase was meant to educate and encourage more wholesalers to carry Alaska seafood in the future.? During the activity, booths were set up at wholesale markets, in which Alaska seafood including salmon, crab, black cod and halibut were showcased. Special POS materials were developed to decorate the venue. Hundreds of traders were exposed to Alaska seafood during the activities. ASMI staff discussed the special characteristics of Alaska seafood with wholesalers. Additionally, product sampling was available and a survey was conducted.

This activity was considered a very efficient means of increasing trader awareness of Alaska seafood.

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