Alaska Seafood Festival at E-mart

ASMI China cooperated with the South Korean retailer, E-mart, for the Alaska Seafood Festival held from September 27 to October 15. E-mart is an aggressive retail chain that is rapidly gaining footing in the Chinese market; it expected to compete head to head with the major retailers by 2010. The two-week long activity covered 7 outlets. Alaska Salmon and King Crab legs were the main focus of this specific promotion. The specially designed material for the activity; the promotion was staffed with promotional people who helped introduce and educate consumers about Alaska product while they handed out free samples during the weekends.

ASMI China cooperated with E-mart in the East China region several times already. Each consumer received a specially designed grocery bag upon their purchase of Alaska seafood. Long-term listing of certain Alaska seafood products was expected after the promotion.

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