Alaska Seafood Festival at Guangdong Hotel

From July 16 to September 30, ASMI China teamed up for the first time with the Guangdong Hotel, a 4-star establishment, to launch an Alaska Seafood Festival. The hotel uses Alaska halibut and sole on a regular basis already, but featured Alaska chum salmon, sockeye salmon, halibut, black cod, yellow-fin sole, king crab and snow crab for the promotion. The event not only took place at the Yi Cui Lounge, but at the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, Wen Hua Hall, as well. The promotion was enhanced further by an advertisement placed in Guangzhou DailyAccording to the hotel, the published ad really helped increase the sales volume. The hotel is strongly considering the addition of more species of Alaska seafood in the future. The high quality and tasty flavor of Alaska seafood were remarked upon by the chefs and consumers. No matter if it was from the buffet or a la carte dishes, Alaska seafood was popular among the customers. Through this activity, ASMI China is confident it will conduct further foodservice promotions with the Guangdong Hotel. For the future, ASMI China will consider more efficient and creative elements for the promotional activity and introduce more price point specific species of Alaska seafood to the hotel.

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