Xindaxin Dept. Store and Friendship Dept. Store were two well-established chained dept. stores with a long history. Both of the stores had high reputation among local consumers because of the premium quality of goods and satisfactory service from staff. Alaska seafood was successfully introduced to Xindaxin Dept. Store and Friendship Dept. Store as regular items this year. To celebrate Alaska seafood’s entry, one round of in-store promotion was held at 2 outlets of Xindaxin Dept. Store and 3 outlets of Friendship Dept. Store from Oct 15 to Nov 11, 2012.

Alaska scallop, black cod and Pacific cod were the highlights of the promotion. What’s more, all five stores were decorated with ASMI POS materials, such as buntings, table cards and posters. Throughout the promotion period, Alaska seafood sampling was arranged over the weekends to attract as many consumers as possible. Alaska seafood recipe leaflets and handy gifts were distributed to the consumers who purchased Alaska seafood.

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