Landison Plaza Hotel Hangzhou is a renowned five-star hotel in Hangzhou. A few years ago, Landison Plaza Hotel Hangzhou joined forces with ASMI China to launch an Alaska Seafood Festival. The preceding success gave birth to the co-operation this time, as Landison Plaza Hotel Hangzhou was fairly satisfied with the outstanding quality of Alaska seafood and the sales results from the promotion.

From June 15 to July 15, 2012, a brand new round of Alaska Seafood products Festival were held at Cafe le Rendezvous of Landison Plaza Hotel Hangzhou. Alaska yellowfin sole, rock sole and Pacific cod were presented to consumers in buffet style. Two adverts were released on In-Touch That’s China and City Express so that the exposure of this menu promotion could be augmented. To make the menu promotion more interesting, ASMI China interacted with diners on ASMI Weibo as well, which successfully gathered more followers to ASMI Weibo. Furthermore, the Alaska Seafood Festival coincided with Father’s Day and Dragon Boat Festival in China, which was very good incentive to Alaska seafood sales.

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