As one of the first tier cities in China and capital city of Guangdong Prvoince, Guangzhou took an important position on ASMI’s agenda. After all these years’ efforts and promotions, Alaska seafood was not new to the market in Guangzhou. Each year a few menu promotions would be held at five-star hotels and fine restaurants in Guangzhou. One new partner of ASMI China was secured this year, i.e. Xingang Pearl Hotel. As a local five-star hotel, Xingang Pearl Hotel was in the pursuit of offering its consumers best sevice and products.
From October 15th to November 4th, 2012, Xingang Pearl Hotel joined hands with ASMI China to conduct Alasks Seafood Festival. The restaurant was decorated with ASMI buntings, table cards and special ornaments. The chef from the hotel developed unique recipes for Alaska seafood, which was presented in buffet. Alaska black cod, king crab, rock sole and Pacific cod were featured in the festival.

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