From July 5th to 23rd, 2006 the JW Marriott Hong Kong hosted its “Cold Blue Red Hot” promotion, which celebrates the best of Alaska seafood in association with ASMI China. The event was cooked up with creativity and panache at three of the hotel’s fine restaurants, the Fish Bar, JW’s California and the Marriott Café.

The event was launched on July 5th with a special dinner prepared by the guest chef from Washington State. He is well known as the master of “freshness” and is famous for his work specializing in Alaska seafood.
A wide variety of Alaska seafood was featured during the promotion through the many dishes created for the event.? Dishes like wild king salmon with merlot sauce, freshly cooked whole Dungeness crab served in its own juice, pan-fried Alaska halibut, roasted Alaska cod, and cumin seared halibut with white bean showed off the fantastic flavor of Alaska seafood.

Special flyers and posters were produced in conjunction with the promotion. Also advertisements were placed in several magazines and local newspapers to inform more consumers of the activity. Through the activity, many Hong Kong consumers were exposed to Alaska seafood and its wonderful characteristics.

Alaska Seafood Festival in JW Marriott Hong Kong

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