Alaska Seafood Gourmet Festival Successfully held in Wu-Marts

An Alaska Seafood Gourmet Festival was successfully held in seven Wu-Mart locations in Eastern China from January 27th to February 27th 2007. Featured Alaska seafood included wild black cod, king crab, salmon, snow crab and halibut. This is the first time for Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to cooperate with Wu-Mart Supermarket in holding a promotion. Based on the feedback from the store managers of participating outlets, the sales of Alaska Seafood products was very good during the Chinese New Year. Customers showed great preference towards pure and natural Alaska Seafood products. Following the trends of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, Alaska seafood was a good choice for local consumers. More and more Alaska Seafood products are being placed in homes’ kitchens. Following this successful promotion, Wu-Mart hoped to cooperate with ASMI on a long term basis.

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