In April 2006, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute held chef seminars at the Westin Hotel Shanghai, Hyatt Regency Hotel Hangzhou and Shangri-la Hotel Shenzhen. Around 80 local chefs participated in each seminar. During the seminars, Ms. Heidi Bundy, ASMI Asia Market Specialist, introduced China’s Alaska Seafood import volume and the features and nutritional facts of Alaska Seafood. Mr. Randy Rice, ASMI Technical Director, also talked about food safety and the pure, natural and wide attributes of Alaska Seafood. Furthermore, Mr. Alan Lancel Evinsohn, Alaskan guest chef and celebrity, along with local Chinese chefs performed an 8-course cooking demo showing off creative and elaborate Alaskan cuisines. Mr. Ross Kreamer, ATO Shanghai Director, was present at the seminar in Shanghai, and Mr. Keith Schneller, ATO Guangzhou Director, was at the Shenzhen event.

The atmosphere was great; all attendees from various Shanghai hotels and restaurants browsed the products on display and had the opportunity to sample the seafood dishes prepared by the guest chefs. All of the participants gave positive feedback about the wonderful dishes. After the seminars, many chefs wanted more detailed information about Alaska seafood.

The 3 seminars were considered greatly successful. Owing to the consumer’s persistent pursuit of healthy food, wild and nutritious seafood is becoming increasingly popular. Through this promotion Alaska seafood was well highlighted, and most importantly, it gained the recognition of many domestic restaurants because of its high quality.

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s Chef Seminar in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen

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