Alaska Seafood Promotion in Hong Kong and Macao

Through previous promotions, consumers in Hong Kong and Macao have an increased awareness of Alaska seafood. In their mind, Alaska seafood fully meets their criteria for a food that helps one maintain a healthy diet.

ASMI has worked with JUSCO Hong Kong for many years, and also with New Yaohan for two years. Alaska seafood sales have maintained growth at JUSCO outlets in Hong Kong and New Yaohan in Macau during previous promotions. In July 2006, ASMI came together with these two supercenters to hold yet another Alaska seafood promotion. Alaska snow crab, king crab, black cod and salmon were highlighted during the promotions. Promotional staff was arranged for the seven JUSCO outlets and one New Yaohan outlet. Alaska seafood POS materials decorated the venue and were distributed to visitors. Alaska seafood recipe books were presented to those who purchased Alaska seafood. According to feedback, Alaska seafood sales will further increase because of the promotion.

Actually, Alaska seafood has been a long term product at JUSCO and New Yaohan and is becoming one of the most popular seafood products at both stores.

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