When people are still recalling the American Food Festival at Hi-Sense of last year, it led to a new American Food Festival to be provided this year also from July 7th to 22nd, the event was organized and took part again at Hi-Sense Plaza in Qingdao and Tianjin, which is advantage to the local consumers in summer.

The U.S. has rich natural resources which give an interest to a large quantity of natural, healthy and tasty food. Various American foods were introduced during the festival, such as oranges, cherries, prunes, pistachios, dairy products, and of course Alaska seafood.

During the opening ceremony one guest chef did a cooking demonstration of Alaska seafood at Hi-Sense Plaza, which intrigued consumer’s desire to purchase Alaska seafood. During the festival all Alaska seafood was sold at a discount price as a gratitude to consumer’s support.

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