ASMI worked with Shanghai Restaurant and Catering Association (SRCA) to carry out a chef competition recently and there were 55 chefs from high-end hotels and restaurants participated in the event. Each contestant was required to develop two recipes to highlight Alaska yellowfin sole, Pacific cod and Pollock roe. A jury consisted of five cuisine experts to evaluate all the dishes and altogether six chefs won the top three prizes. On May 4th 2012, a prize-awarding ceremony was held at Four Season Hotel in Shanghai. Apart from all the contestants, some key seafood trades were invited to the awards ceremony and Alaska seafood was served at the ceremony. 

in order to interact with consumers, ASMI has launched a promotion on ASMI Micro Blog after the competition, recipe pictures of the top winners from the chef contest were uploaded to ASMI’s Chinese consumer website and implemented a vote of “My Favorite Alaska Seafood Recipe”, aiming at attracting more followers. A lucky draw will be carried out to encourage followers to participate in our vote. As a result, two advertisements were placed on local mainstream media: “Xinmin Evening Post” and “Shanghai Times” to expose the Micro Blog promotion as well as increase the exposure of Alaska seafood.

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