ASMI China attended ATO Shanghai HRI Activity in Hangzhou

From April 23rd to 25th, ASMI China took part in the HRI activity held by ATO Shanghai in Hangzhou. On April 23rd, there was a variety of Alaska king crab, snow crab and salmon displayed during the activity. Chef Nora from the U.S conducted cooking demonstrations by using U.S ingredients which included Alaska king crab. The Alaska king crab biscuit, made by the chef, was very popular among the attendees. During the dinner reception, this dish became one of the highlighted courses. The event helped the attendees become more knowledgeable about Alaska seafood.

In another activity of the promotion, Alaska salmon, black cod and king crab were used for a chef contest on April 25th. The contestants cooked various dishes using the wild, natural and pure Alaska seafood. The HRI activity helped to strengthen the relationship between ASMI China and the chefs from local hotels in Hangzhou, while also enhancing promotion of the products in the market.

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