ASMI held a Retail Education in Beijing Metro

On September 7th, 2007, ASMI associated with Beijing Metro held a retail education program. The 30 purchasers from Metro in North China took part in this activity. Roger Zhang from ASMI gave the presentation for the purchasers and introduced Alaska seafood from different aspects, which taught them more about Alaska seafood, as well as help Alaska seafood to enter into North China. After Roger’s speech, the guest chef invited by ASMI conducted a demonstration for the purchasers. He cooked Alaska salmon, black cod and snow crab on site. Every purchaser was looking forward to tasting Alaska seafood, and thought it was a good chance for them to experience Alaska seafood first hand. At the end, the consumers were left with a much better understanding of Alaska seafood. The fresh food purchasers in North China spoke very highly about Alaska seafood. Now having the knowledge of everything that goes into creating Alaska seafood became more familiar to the purchasers.

After the activity, each purchaser received a nice gift prepared by ASMI.

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