ASMI held Chef Contest Awarding Ceremony and Reception

On March 20, The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute cooperated with the Shanghai Cuisine Association to hold an Alaska seafood cooking competition at Shanghai Zhonghua Vocational School. More than 80 chefs from famous Shanghai restaurants and hotels were invited to the competition. During the contest, chefs combined Chinese and western cuisine to create a variety of dishes.

On March 21, ASMI held a competition award ceremony and banquet at Shanghai Mansion Hotel. Over one hundred people attended the ceremony including media, chefs, traders, ATO Director Wayne Batwin, other representatives from ATO Shanghai, and seafood purchasing managers from a variety of supermarkets. During the ceremony, Mr. Wayne Batwin, ATO representatives, the Shanghai Cuisine Association president Mr. Sheng Si Ming, and ASMI representative Roger Zhang gave speeches and issued awards to the contestants. Judges also gave specific comments about the dishes created. All guests were served delicious Alaska seafood. The chefs all said that the competition gave them a stage to show their cooking skills while allowing them to learn about natural, wild and pure Alaska seafood.

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