ASMI held Training School Program at Shanghai Zhonghua Vocational School and Xuhui Vocational Senior High School

In January, ASMI launched training school program at Shanghai Zhonghua Vocational School and Shanghai Xuhui Vocational Senior High School, which have great training facilities and skillful teachers. This was the first time ASMI has united with these two schools to hold a training school program. After discussions between both sides, program details were finally settled. The program lasted five days. Alaska salmon, king crab, snow crab, black cod and halibut were prepared for the activity. The training school program included two lessons, one on theory and the other a hands on practice. Teachers introduced Alaska and its seafood to students in the theory lesson. During the practice lesson, students made their own dishes using Alaska seafood. There were also several varieties of Alaska seafood displayed during the classes. Students all showed great interest in the seafood. On the last day of the program, ASMI hosted a student seafood contest and prepared awards for the winners. Both teachers and students said they discovered a lot form the activity and hoped to learn more about Alaska seafood.

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