On November 10th, 2011, Institute For Tourism Studies organized the Fourth Young Chef Competition in Macao. And ASMI China is one of the sponsors. Before the competition, a folder with all the competition regulations and introduction of ingredients in it was given to each participant. ASMI China also prepared all kinds of brochures and products specifications for participants to help them to have a brief understanding of Alaska seafood. On the afternoon of November 8th, 2011, all participants attended the training before the competition. At the training, a teacher from the institute shared with participants more tips on how to cook Alaska seafood. 

Early in the morning of November 10th, all the participants arrived at the competition area on time. Every chef need to create two course off the cuff and one it had to include Alaska seafood products. The products used in the competition were Pollock and sockeye salmon. After a morning of fierce competition, the courses created by two young chefs won the hearts of the judges. 

Macao is well known for Portugal cuisine. With a long history and culture of both China and western countries, the food culture in Macao has absorbed the strong points of other countries’. The activity also brought some new ideas to the applications of Alaska seafood products in cooking.

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