United State has a long coastal line with Atlantic Ocean in the east and Pacific Ocean in the west. The superior geographical environment offers it with rich and diverse marine resources. Alaska as a peninsula, surrounded by sea on three sides, is located in the far north of the Earth. It has the purest marine environment in the world which produces abundant wild and natural seafood products every year. In order to introduce the quality seafood resources from United States to Chinese consumers, ASMI joined hands with WUSATA organized a trade mission to Shanghai and held a trader seminar in Ritz-Carlton Hotel Pudong on October 28th, 2011. 

5 Alaska seafood exporters from Alaska came to Shanghai to communicate with Chinese importers and introduce different kinds of Alaska seafood products to them. Through the communication, Alaska seafood exporters have learned a lot about the current seafood market in China and also helped Chinese traders to have a better understanding of seafood market in Alaska. 

After the seminar, ASMI and WUSATA also prepared a great luncheon for the traders. Before the luncheon, representatives from ASMI and WUSATA gave a brief speech to the traders following by a delicate cooking show. While the chef was demonstrating several courses using Alaska sockeye salmon, snow crab, scallops, halibut, Pollock roe and yellowfin sole as ingredients to the traders, the same course was being cooked in the kitchen of Ritz-Carlton at the same time so the guests can enjoy the delicious seafood from United States in time.

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