ASMI hosted a trade reception on the first day of the China Fishery Show, November 4, 2008. The event consisted of a dinner reception for over 90 traders from Qingdao and other cities such as Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing, and Guangzhou etc. The reception was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao. At the event, traders were given the opportunity to taste various dishes created using Alaska seafood as the primary ingredient. Alaska seafood industry members and directors from ATO Beijing and Shanghai were in attendance as well.

This event allowed ASMI China to strengthen old and create new relationships with seafood traders from all over China. The reception provided an excellent opportunity for the traders and suppliers to network and gain new contacts. ASMI China sought the opinions of the traders present and the vast majority agreed that Alaska seafood products are of excellent quality. Many traders also commented that they thought that the taste was quite distinct from anything they had ever tasted before.

The high quality and high end nature of Alaska seafood products received a great deal of attention at the reception. This has allowed ASMI China to explore new relationships with high caliber partners, which will assist in further promoting Alaska seafood.

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