On July 18th, the ATO Shanghai office held a barbeque event at Xin Dong Hai Golf Club in Taicang, which is located in Jiangsu Province. The outdoor activity focused on promoting the culture of barbeque to interested Chinese media members and ATO Shanghai cooperators, which also included the ASMI China office. Alaska seafood was used in the activity, along with fruits and other traditional barbeque meats. Alaska sockeye salmon, pollock and king crab were used in the 3 dishes: Fresh crab salad served with cranberry vinaigrette, Alaska pollock with basil aioli and lemon-butter grilled salmon. A twist to the event though, the attendees were given the opportunity to prepare the dishes themselves, which gave one half of the attendees a greater understanding of how to prepare Alaska seafood dishes. The event was indeed a highly educational and relaxing event indeed.

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