ATO HRI Event in Yiwu

ASMI has effectively participated at the event which was held by ATO Shanghai in Yiwu on April 13th ,2011. It was an HRI event in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, to coincide with Zhejiang Provincial Annual Gathering for HRI specialists from all over the province. The event included the two episodes: US products table-top show and Young executive chefs’ competition. Alaska Pacific cod and Pollock roe were used as the primary ingredients for Chinese chef to cook during the competition. A package of Alaska seafood collateral materials were distributed to the participants. As a result of the activity, local chefs have better understanding of the unique attributes of Alaska seafood. The great success of the promotion has established good and positive image among participating chefs and therefore they were more willing to use Alaska seafood in their own hotel when choosing seafood products.

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