Catering Alaska Seafood Appear in East North China

From August 31st to September 14th, 2006 the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute participated in the “American Food Festival” organized by ATO Beijing. The festival was held in Harbin, a city in Northeastern China. ?The activity was launched at three famous local restaurants, the Ou Luo Ba Restaurant, St. Petersburg restaurant and Yu Ge Chang Xiang Chinese Restaurant. During the ceremony, LaVerne E. Brabant, Director of ATO Beijing, gave a speech that attracted the attention of every guest and consumer. Cooking demos were conducted at the venue. Delicious dishes made using Alaska salmon, king crab, snow crab, black cod and halibut attracted much attention. In Addition, POS materials also gave consumers the option to understand Alaska Seafood even further. ASMI has made Northern Chinese aware of, and has given them the opportunity to enjoy, high quality Alaska seafood both now and in the future.

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