Following successful chef seminars in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Beijing in March, ASMI China held another chef seminar in Shenzhen on June 10th. Over 60 chefs and purchasing managers from hotels and the seafood trade attended the seminar. Many participated for the first time. To kick off the day, ASMI China staff gave a presentation, talking about ASMI, Alaska seafood and technical aspects of handling Alaska seafood, such as storage and thawing, etc. As well, the special characteristics of Alaska seafood: wild, natural and sustainable, were emphasized. After that, a Chinese cuisine chef was invited to conduct a cooking demonstration of five newly developed recipes. He made delicious Alaska seafood dishes using Alaska sockeye salmon, snow crab, pollock, halibut and black cod and showed the attending chefs how to cook Alaska seafood in a proper and effective way. During the demonstration, an active talk about cooking methods that bring out the seafood’s flavor began between the invited Chinese cuisine chef and the participating chefs. The participating chefs could not only smell the Alaska seafood but also observe it themselves by standing in front of the Alaska seafood display counter. At the end of the activity, the attending chefs also filled in the questionnaire and provided their suggestions.

Throughout the chef seminar, the participating chefs in Shenzhen were able to get to know wild, natural and sustainable Alaska seafood. They learned cooking skills from the guest chef through demonstration and direct questions. Some chefs showed great interest in using Alaska seafood in their own places of work. ASMI China also built relationships with executive chefs in local hotels and restaurants through this event. This helps ASMI China solidify future promotions.

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