Chef Seminars in Guangzhou and Beijing

ASMI China has developed a new program that targets industry chefs in the HRI sector. The most recent chef training programs have been successful in raising awareness of Alaska seafood among up and coming chefs in the Greater China market. ASMI China worked with the Guangdong Economic and Trade Vocational School in Guangzhou and the Jin Song School in Beijing to implement two separate training course programs that integrated theoretical and demonstration (hands-on) classes focused on Alaska seafood. Both schools are the national vocational institution for culinary students in their individual city. Most graduates typically crossover into the HRI industry after graduation.

The training school programs took place in Guangzhou on March 2-6, 2009, and in Beijing on March 5-11, 2009 respectively. Around 400 students attended the Guangzhou event while 670 students were in attendance in Beijing event. The course was split into theoretical and hands-on/demonstration segments in which the teachers led students into interesting discussions about topics covering health benefits, sustainability, product quality and other distinct Alaska seafood characteristics. ASMI China was able to introduce keta salmon and pollock to the school for the very first time through this week long program. A cooking demonstration was conducted by the teacher using Alaska snow crab, keta salmon, halibut and pollock. The students were taught on how to prepare Alaska seafood and cook it properly. Practical lessons gave the students an opportunity to cook Alaska seafood by themselves while the teacher tasted the dishes and advised the students. On the last day of the program, a competition was held for the students during which they cooked dishes with Alaska seafood and the winner of the competition was rewarded. After completing the program the students attained more knowledge about Alaska seafood which in turn will help them when they become chefs to use Alaska seafood as their main ingredient. A kit of Alaska Seafood collateral materials were handed out to the students.

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