Chef Training Program in Macau

Macau is the ‘Las Vegas’ of China, with huge potential for Alaska Seafood sales growth, especially as the HRI sector continues to boom. From March 4th to May 14th, ASMI China partnered with the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau (IFT Macau) to introduce an Alaska Seafood chef training course. The government institution grooms high-caliber chefs for the Macau and Hong Kong market, as students are put through a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum in order to receive their bachelor degree. There are two separate training course programs that integrated theoretical and demonstration (hands-on) classes focused on Alaska Seafood.

Over 110 students are targeted, with 4 of the top professors teaching theoretical and demonstration/hands-on classes over the length of two quarters. Professors include the head Western culinary professor and the head Chinese culinary professor as well. Each professor has given students ample introduction to the distinct health benefits, high quality, and origin of the products & superior texture of Alaska seafood at the beginning of each course. An Alaska seafood 3-course final project has been assigned by each professor, which will be graded according to their independently devised grading matrix. Each student and professor have received a set of English and Chinese ASMI materials to be used in class, as well at home in order to reinforce knowledge of Alaska Seafood outside of the classroom as well.

The activity is still ongoing, but has been very positive so far.

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