Alaska seafood was a hit within the retail market of Guangdong Province this summer. Recent festivals have just finished taken part for Alaska Seafood. One Alaska Seafood Festival was carried out in Jusco on July 15th 2012, and another at Grandby department store in Guangdong Province, and also finally another Alaska Seafood Festival situated at ParkNShop in Guangzhou which lasted a month.

Guangdong has a long tradition in culinary art, so consumers in Guangdong have a very high liking towards the taste of the food. The promotions of Alaska seafood which were carried out in Guangdong Province have fueled consumer’s passion towards Alaska seafood.

Even though all the Alaska seafood which is available within the market may be frozen, it doesn’t affect the quality, due to the advanced techniques that the premium quality of the seafood provides. As a result, Alaska seafood has won the heart of interested consumers in Guangdong.

Three consecutive in-store promotions of Alaska seafood has resulted in a boost of ASMI China’s confidence and expectation in Guangdong.

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