Alaska pacific cod —- 50g
Crushed American pistachio —- 20g
Red pepper —- 20g
Green capsicum —- 20g
Dried bean curd —- 20g
Potato —- 20g
Noodles —– 100g
Light soybean sauce —- 10ml
Salt —- 2g
Grounder pepper —- 2g

1. Dice Alaska pacific cod, capsicum, dried bean curd and potato.
2. Stir fry all the diced ingredients; add salt, pepper powder and soybean sauce;
3. Boil noodle in hot water and place it in a bowl; top the stir-fried diced ingredients; sprinkle some crushed American pistachio.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes

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