Fresh Alaska Crab Meat with Asparagus Soup

Simple ingredients in this recipe highlight the delicious, fresh and healthy taste of crab meat.

250g Alaska Snow Crab
200g fresh bamboo shoots
30g cooked ham
2 tsp chicken soup
1 tablespoon three flowers evaporated milk
Small amount of broth
Salt 1/2 tsp
1 teaspoon sugar

Wash fresh bamboo shoots and cut into pieces. Blanch the pieces in boiling water, then take out and put aside for later use. Dice cooked ham into small pieces.
In a pot, boil the broth with the three flowers evaporated milk and seasoning sauce. Add snow crab and boil until cooked, then remove.
Add salt and sugar into the pot. Mix the bamboo shoots together with the crab meat. Cover with the sauce and serve with ham slices for decoration.

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