Chengdu, known as “Heart of the West”, is the political, economic and cultural center of Sichuan Province. It is not only the city of gastronomy where you can find numerous delicious food and special snacks, but also one of China’s best tourist city where various historic sites and scenic spots exist.

On August 2, 2012, the annual FAS China “Great American Barbeque” Trade Reception was held by ATO Chengdu to celebrate its five-year anniversary. The event theme was great American food and American food culture. It included a U.S. chef food demonstration, product introduction, media event, and a dinner reception.

Besides Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute who attended the event as a Gold Sponsor with donation of Alaska seafood products, other FAS cooperators attended aswell such as, Sunkist Growers, American Pistachio Growers and USA Poultry & Egg Export Council. Meanwhile, more than 200 guests from agricultural, food and foodservice industries, government officials, and trade organizations from Chengdu were also invited to the event.

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