Grilled Alaska Crab Meat with Rock Melon and Nuts

Enjoy the fresh, clean taste of crab meat infused with both Chinese and Western cooking styles with this refreshing and original recipe.

200g of Alaska king crab
1 Yellow lemon, halved
A handful of small green grapes
1 tablespoon of three flowers evaporated milk
200g of rock melon
Peanuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts 10g each
1/2 tsp Salt
Pinch of white pepper

Cut the rock melon into chunks. Dethaw the Alaska king crab meat. In a bowl, mix together the juice of half the yellow lemon, salt, white pepper, evaporated milk and crab meat. Let marinate.
Preheat the pan and add peanuts, cashew nuts, and pine nuts. Heat for a few minutes on low heat until the aroma of the nuts begins to come out, then mix with the rock melon in a bowl.
Grill the marinated crab meat in the oven and later place on top of rock melon and nut mixture. Garnish with lemon wedges and green grapes and serve.

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