Hands-on Chef seminars in Shanghai and Hangzhou

Over 70 chefs total attended the two hands-on chef seminars held separately in Shanghai on March 23rd, and Hangzhou on March 24th. The two chosen venues were Shanghai Zhonghua Vocational School and Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School. To kick off the program, ASMI staff gave a presentation discussing about the special characteristics of Alaska seafood, especially the identity of wild, natural, sustainable and other healthy benefits. This event was especially exciting for the attending chefs as a special guest chef, William Bolton developed 6 new recipes and demonstrated these individually created recipes using Alaska snow crab, sockeye salmon, black cod, Pacific cod, pollock and halibut. While doing the cooking demonstrations, he stressed that the products used were all wild with more flavor than farmed products. All the participants sampled the dishes the guest chef demonstrated.

After the cooking demonstration, ASMI provided the participants with three species of Alaska seafood including sockeye salmon, snow crab and pollock for the purpose to give the chefs an opportunity to experience high quality Alaska seafood firsthand. Mr. Bolton gave helpful advice on how to correctly prepare the products.

A package of Alaska seafood collateral materials and demonstrated recipes handouts were distributed to the participants. A survey was taken at the end of both seminars, with results estimating 58% of all attendee chefs having previously used Alaska seafood in their career, while 95% of the chefs expressed that they have interest in using Alaska seafood in their future operation. Some hotels such as Jing Jiang Tower Hotel and Sky Fortune Boutique Hotel have been in touch with ASMI and preparing for the promotions of Alaska seafood right after the seminars.

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