Hot and Spicy Fried Alaska Halibut

This top-rated dish combines fresh Halibut with hot and spicy flavors.

800g Alaska halibut
10g each of green and red peppers
30g onion
15g ginger and garlic slices
1 teaspoon rice wine
2 teaspoons soy sauce
2 tsp Japanese sauce
1 teaspoon chicken powder
3 tablespoons broth
Small amount of oil

Cut Alaska halibut into pieces and marinate with rice wine, garlic and ginger slices for a while.
Heat on high temperature in a pot. Dredge the marinated fish in flour, and deep fry in the oil until it turns an even golden color. Remove from the pot and drain.
Put some oil into a pan and stir fry the onion, green and red peppers until soft. Add the broth, Japanese style sauce, soy sauce, chicken powder and the halibut. Finish with soup and serve.

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