Menu Promotion at The Pearl Garden Hotel in Guangzhou

Success of the recent menu promotion at The Pearl Garden Hotel in Guangzhou is gauged by their decision to use the featured Alaska Seafood species (Alaska keta, pink salmon, yellow fin sole and king crab) on a long term basis in their buffet. The menu promotion runs from March 5th – June 30th, 2009. The hotel’s snow crab order alone is now more than double than before. Around 2.5 MT of featured Alaska Seafood product were already sold by the second week of April. As the only 5-star establishment in a newly developed zone in Guangzhou, the Jin Bai He Restaurant at The Pearl Garden Hotel is a perfect venue to cater to the large percentage of white-collar residents. Scouting, keeping ahead of the trend and establishing Alaska Seafood products in newer areas of strong potential continues to be a method for ASMI China to continue with successful menu promotion campaigns.

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