Natural and High Quality---- ASMI Retail Education with Shanghai RT-Mart

On June 18th, ASMI China teamed up with Shanghai RT-Mart for a retail education event at Yuan Sheng Hotel Shanghai. There were a total of 55 RT-Mart buyers from East China that attended the activity. To kick off, the ASMI in-market representative gave a detailed introduction to attendees about the various species of Alaska seafood and their recent market situation. To enhance the knowledge of the products among the attendees, the presentation also included a clear and concise DVD. The executive chef of the hotel, Yuan Ling Zhi, then provided a cooking demonstration and further exuded the advantages of using Alaska seafood as an ingredient. This event was the first time for many of the buyers to directly examine Alaska seafood products and taste the difference in quality, first-hand. As a result of this event, buyers gained considerable knowledge about the offered products and related their strong belief that they were of value in the Chinese market. ASMI China expects to continue growing the relationships with the attendees at the event and to have them further promote Alaska seafood to end-consumers.

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