◇Spicy stir-fried rice with Alaska salmon
◇Spicy Alaska king crab
◇Double cooked Alaska halibut
◇Alaska yellowfin sole with chili sauce
◇Spicy griddle-cooked Alaska Pacific cod head
◇Alaska Pollock roe and soybean curd with spicy sauce

◇Sauteed Alaska salmon stripe with hot green pepper
◇Stir fried Alaska sea cucumber with beech mushrooms
◇Lady Song’s Alaska black cod soup
◇Fried tofu skin with Alaska Pollock roe
◇Stewed Alaska yellowfin sole in rice wine sauce
◇Steamed bean curd rolls with Alaska pacific cod

◇Diced Alaska Pacific cod noodle
◇Stir-fried Alaska black cod with cumin
◇Braised Alaska king crab with potato and green pepper in Xinjiang style
◇Braised Alaska sea cucumber with eggplant in Xinjiang style
◇Steamed Alaska snow crab with zucchini
◇Stir fried Alaska yellowfin sole with soy sauce

◇Risotto of Alaska Pollock roe, Chinese cabbage and dried scallop
◇Steamed egg with Alaska Pollock roe
◇Stir fried Alaska snow crab with scrambled eggs
◇Stir fried Alaska halibut and bitter melon in fermented soybean
◇Stir fried Alaska black cod with salted duck egg yolk
◇Braised Alaska pacific cod head