Restaurant and Bar Show Hong Kong

In its 5th year, the Hong Kong Restaurant and Bar Exhibition 2008 saw huge growth and success due to demand from the HRI industry this past year alone. The show took place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. This year, members of the ASMI China office along with Joe Jacobson, the new ASMI Asia Program Coordinator, attended the event that lasted from September 9 – 11. The ASMI booth was located among the other companies exhibiting under ATO Hong Kong, and spotlighted 5 varieties of Alaska Salmon, Black Cod, Pollack, Pacific Cod, Yellowfin Sole, Halibut and three varieties of crab. Along with display products available at the booth, those that passed by could also taste the Smoked Salmon or Salmon Roe.

Not only was the exhibit an excellent way to generate potential business, but it was also a good opportunity to create important contacts for future promotions and events. As a result of the efforts put forth by the ASMI exhibiting group, there were around 100 business cards gathered, which included prestigious chefs in the hotel sector and international trade companies interested in working with ASMI to promote and sell Alaska Seafood in China. Furthermore, the event also allowed the ASMI exhibitors to strengthen business relationships with current ASMI traders who attended the show and even discuss proposals about opportunities and pr.

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