In November 2008, there was a retail promotion taking place at Ole and it covered 9 Beijing Ole outlets. As a member of China Resources Vanguard Corporation (CRV), Ole was introduced to consumers only in the last few years. Even in such a short time, the Ole stores had already become well known for its quiet and well organized environment for the upper-middle class of shoppers who dislike the typical hectic stores in China, including most major stores such as Carrefour and Lianhua. Alaska Salmon, Black Cod and Snow Crab were highlighted items during the promotion and sales volume was more than expected at the end, as stated by the Ole partners. The standard giveaway, promotional staff and samplings was well arranged. As for local media publication, Beijing’s daily newspaper which has a 745,000 readerships and The First were chosen to place an advertisement on November 9, 2008 to encourage more consumers to partake in the promotional activity at Ole.

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