Retail Promotion at Vanguard in Guangdong

From March 31st to April 27th, 2009, ASMI China teamed up with 16 CR Vanguard outlets in Guangdong for an Alaska Seafood promotion. Although some of the outlets have been carrying certain Alaska Seafood products even before the promotion, CR Vanguard became interested in selling more Alaska Seafood products after attending the retailer education activity hosted by ASMI China in last October. CR Vanguard has become one of the leading retail businesses in China, and they currently own stores that utilize hypermarket, supermarket and superstore formats to cater to various consumer segments and regional tastes. The recent activity took place in 16 different outlets which included 7 in Shenzhen, 1 in Huizhou outlet, 6 in Guangzhou and 2 in Zhuhai. Southern China remains as a strong area of Alaska Seafood profit while the sales continue to grow steadily. Pacific cod, Alaska sockeye salmon and turbot were emphasized at the retail promotions and the representative of CR Vanguard anticipated that over 26MT of Alaska Seafood would be sold in total. In addition, the stores were looking forward to widening its range of Alaska seafood and were going to request for more information on different species as they enter the market.

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