As part of ASMI China’s efforts to promote Alaska seafood in the Guangdong region, ASMI China recently teamed up with supermarket chain – Fu-Mart to launch an in-store promotion. The promotion took place in 9 different Full Mart outlets. The promotion included a prominent in-store display of ASMI products including: Alaska chum salmon, halibut, black cod, cod and Pollock. Throughout the promotion, promotional staff was hired to hand out free samples and provide information to consumers regarding Alaska seafood. Also, and large posters were developed in order to highlight Alaska seafood. To provide greater exposure to the event, an advertisement was placed in the local paper in conjunction with the promotional period. In order to impress consumers ASMI China gave free gifts and flyers containing recipes to customers who purchased Alaska seafood products.

Eventually, the Fu-Mart in store promotion generated good results. It was estimated that over 7 MT of Alaska seafood products were sold during the promotional period. Furthermore, it was expected that sales of Alaska seafood were up 40% when compared to sales in the period before the promotion. Fu-Mart has already been carrying some Alaska seafood products on a long term basis and had stated that, given the success of the promotion, they would be considering to carry a broader range of Alaska seafood products in the future.

This activity helped to boost sales of Alaska seafood products. In addition to this, the promotion helped build and maintain relationships with both old and new Alaska seafood consumers.

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