Shrimp Paste Steamed Egg with Wined Alaska Crab Meat and Pollock Roe

Delicate Japanese sushi has inspired us to develop a surpising egg cake recipe. Alaska king crab in a gorgeous combination with egg cakes and Pollock roe bring you a rich flavor and the ultimate taste experience.

100g Alaska Pollock roe
30g Alaska king crab meat
1 egg
1 / 2 tsp fine quality shrimp paste
1 tsp Chicken powder
1 tsp oyster sauce
2 teaspoons each for Brandy and HuaDiao wine

Break egg into bowl, add high-quality fine shrimp paste and mix well. Add some water and continue to stir. Place the bowl in a pot and steam with Alaska king crab meat.
Shape egg cake into a cylindrical mold.
Marinate king crab meat and Pollock roe with chicken juice, oyster sauce, brandy and Huadiao wine. Place them onto egg cakes, pour remaining sauce over and serve.

The combination of Pollock roe and king crab meat served with wine highlight the taste.

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