SIAL China is one of the largest food shows in Asia and it attracts hundreds of exhibitors from home and abroad to showcase their products at the show every year; and it gathers hundreds of traders across China to visit the show.

Built on the success of previous years, ASMI China attended SIAL China again this year, which was between May 9th – 11th 2012 .Alaska seafood display and sample were carried out at the show as usual, which were popular among the visitors. Alaska seafood, renowned its image as wild, natural and sustainable, was highly recognized among the seafood traders in China. As a result, ASMI China booth was always crowded with seafood traders who showed interest in Alaska seafood during the show. They inquired purchasing information of Alaska seafood in China and established primary relations with ASMI China. 

It is worth mentioning that ASMI donated two varieties of Alaska seafood including sockeye salmon and Pacific cod for the two important events during the period of the show:

1) The La Cuisine events – Asian Yong Hope Chef Contest and Escoffier Team Trophy Contest at SIAL, which was organized by the show organizer

2) The 8 American chef cooking demonstration, which was organized by ATO Shanghai 

The participants highly appreciated the high quality of Alaska seafood. ASMI logo was posted on the backdrop and front panel of the kitchen in the hall of the exhibition center. The events were deemed as effective way further promote Alaska seafood by greater exposure. 

Furthermore, ATO Shanghai held a dinner reception on May 10 during the show, Over 250 peoples including importers, retailers, distributors and some officials from the government were invited. Regarding it as another golden opportunity to increase the awareness of Alaska seafood, ASMI donated Alaska yellow fin sole and Pacific cod, which were once again featured and gained prevalence by the participants at the dinner reception.

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