Spicy Onion Alaska Crab with Konjac

The sweet and spicy taste is like a melody of rhymes, and is refreshing and tasty.
After marinating in Huadiao wine, the Alaskan king crab is not only full of fragrance, but also maintains the crab’s original fresh taste. The combination of Konjac makes it sweet, fresh and spicy. Crab meat combining sweet and spicy tastes makes a perfect combination.

150g Alaska king crab
150g Konjac
Small amount of Hua Diao wine
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tablespoon sugar
15g Onion ginger wire
2 tsp Spicy soy sauce
2 teaspoons teriyaki sauce
30g diced green onion
Shallot grains
5g red pepper
A bit of oil

Rinse Alaska king crab, knock and split its shell, and put into Hua Diao wine with onion ginger pieces, salt, sugar and preserve sufficiently in advance before cooking. Cut Konjac and red peppers into chunks for later use.
Pot-Steam Alaska king crab for 8 minutes, then drain and put into a pan. Preheat oil in the pan, add konjac and stir-fry for a few minutes, then add teriyaki sauce and a small amount of broth. Wait for the sauce to boil. Add spicy soy sauce and stir-fry quickly, then dish out onto a plate.
Wash the pan and add oil, diced green onions and red peppers and fry with a low cooking temperature. When finished dish onto a plate, sprinkle scallions and serve.

Stir fry Alaska king crab meat until it turns a golden brown in color. Give the crab a great flavor and taste by serving it with Konjac.

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