Thai Bean Roll Filled with Alaska Cod and Asparagus

Delicious flavors make this recipe taste amazing while being good for your health.

200g Alaskan black cod
25g dried mushrooms
250g bamboo
100g Ham
Tofu skin
1/2 tsp Salt
2 teaspoons of soy sauce flavor
Thai sweet chili sauce, Cajun seasoning (powder),

Cut Alaska black cod into long pieces and marinate with soy sauce and salt. Wash the green bamboo and ham, and cut into strips of equal length. Cut tofu skin into same size. Boil the dried mushroom, drain and cut into long strips.
Fill cod, mushrooms, green bamboo and ham into the bean curd skin and deep fry in a pan until its becomes golden brown in color.
Blend Thai sweet chili sauce with Cajun seasoning (powder) and mix well. Heat slightly and serve with the bean curd rolls.

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