The best seafood introduced in Guangdong

This was the second time ASMI China joined the “American Food Festival” hosted by ATO Guangzhou in 8 JUSCO outlets throughout Guangdong province. The activity was held from July 3rd to 16th. Pure and wild Alaska seafood such as salmon, black cod, snow crab and halibut were showcased during the promotion. A large opening ceremony was conducted, and the new director of ATO Guangzhou introduced the promotion and gave a speech. He was very impressed by the promotion’s influence.

The ASMI booth was well decorated, and Alaska seafood was on display in a specially designed refrigerator, both of which efficiently attracted consumers and their purchases. What’s more, promotional staff introduced the attributes and benefits of Alaska seafood. Many consumers were exposed to the advantages of Alaska seafood; that it is completely healthy, pure and wild. It is believed that high-end Alaska seafood will definitely become popular among consumers in Guangdong province.

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