The Vanguard and ASMI China collaborated on another successful collective education activity in Beijing on April 1, 2011.

There were a total of 34 Vanguard branch stores in Beijing area involved and the education activity attracted 60 professionals who either worked in the sector of frozen and fresh food purchasing or as a store manager in each Vanguard branch. ASMI China staff gave a presentation to fill them in on the latest Alaska seafood information, which included technical aspects on proper handling of frozen Alaska seafood, as well as information about sustainability of Alaska seafood. There was also a hotel chef cooking demonstration and a kit of materials was prepared and given to each participant. Apart from different varieties of Alaska seafood showcased, all the participants had an opportunity to sample the products during the demonstration section.

At the end of the educational event, the participating Vanguard professionals obtained information of different Alaska seafood varieties, from high end species to more affordable products, which are also superb in their quality and taste. The purchasing director of Vanguard in Beijing indicated that they only knew about Alaska salmon, black cod and crab products in the past, but they became more aware of that Alaska has an abundant source of different species of seafood products, which meet the needs of various demand levels. They have started to approach more Alaska seafood suppliers in the region regarding price-pointed seafood such as Pollock and sole in order to meet the needs of different consumers. Indeed, they expressed that they are expecting another large-scale promotion conducted with Vanguard in Beijing.

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