From June 15 to 20 2009, ASMI China teamed up with Hangzhou Zhongce Vocational School to launch a training school program. Over 400 students attended the program. Alaska sockeye salmon, snow crab, black cod and Pollock were highlighted during the promotion. The training course was split into theoretical and hands-on/demonstration segments. The teacher discussed details about Alaska seafood including varieties and special attributes, nutrition benefits, sustainability etc. during the theoretical class and showed students how to cook and handle Alaska seafood in a proper way. The hands-on class provided the opportunity for the students to cook using Alaska seafood, by dividing into several groups. The hands-on dishes created by the students were then scored by teachers. The materials kits were distributed to all the participants.

Positive results were created according to the feedback from teachers and students. The students gained clear knowledge of Alaska seafood through the program. It was the first time most of the students used Alaska seafood. The program not only provided an opportunity for future chefs to learn about new products, but also let them learn the proper way to handle Alaska seafood, which will be helpful to increase usage of the Alaska seafood amongst chefs in China.

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